Michael Wassenberg
Director of Technology


To obtain a position which offers professional growth in market-driven technology management in return for proven experience in all phases of business and systems development. 


Computer Science Corporation (formerly GTE Government Systems) in Chantilly, Virginia,
Director of Enterprise Solutions, April 1998 to Present.

Leader of 18 senior engineers who perform technical marketing, program consulting, customer support, and research direction.  The latter includes focusing all division technology initiatives including long-term technology planning, internal research and development (IR&D) coordination, technology lecture series development, cross-divisonal technology management, and initiation of external corporate relationships.  Personally consulted in the areas of information technology architectures, communications network design, and wireless system development.

GTE Government Systems in Chantilly, Virginia,
Acquistion Manager and Senior Technologist, April 1996 to March 1998.

Responsible for health care and wireless marketing initiatives.  Led acquisition teams in marketing to federal health care agencies and responding to telemedicine requests for proposal (RFPs).  Developed business opportunities for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and other financial/commodity exchanges.  Provided consulting to the NYSE in the selection of a wireless phone system for the Exchange floor.  The latter included coordinating radio-frequency design and testing, investigating technology tradeoffs, and developing requests for quotation (RFQs).

GTE Government Systems in Chantilly, Virginia,
Senior Technologist, August 1993 to March 1996.

Performed technical oversight activities for the vice-president and business area manager of Civilian Agency and Commercial Information Systems. Managed all business area IR&D projects, recommended technical approaches and architectures for new programs and ongoing projects, and led customer and vendor discussions on GTE technical capabilities and system solutions.

GTE Government Systems in Chantilly, Virginia,
Acquistion Manager, January 1990 to July 1993.

Led acquistion activities for several major DoD programs including the Sustaining Base Information System (SBIS) and Reserve Component Automation System (RCAS). Developed marketing plans, presented GTE capabilities to customers during the pre-RFP stage, led proposal teams, designed architectures and systems to meet requirements, presented GTE capabilities to decision influencers from post-RFP submittal until program award.  The programs mentioned involved the re-engineering and automation of systems for the National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Army at a cost of $1 billion each.

GTE Government Systems in Westborough and Billerica, Massachusetts,
Engineering Manager, February 1986 to December 1988.

Managed the development of an integrated voice and data system that controlled access to the Local and Wide Area Networks connecting Joint Chiefs of Staff computer systems.  Besides network management and and security, the integrated information system provided decision support capabilities.

GTE Laboratories in Waltham, Massachusetts,
Project Manager, November 1984 to January 1986.

Coordinated the development of an artifical-intelliegence-based network manager and a next-generation fast-packet switching system.  Acted as liaison to GTE's Government Systems and Communication Systems Divisions in the planning and implementation of research and development (R&D) requests.

GTE Communications Systems in Phoenix, Arizona,
Field Integration Manager, July 1980 to October 1984.

Coordinated inital software design and four field releases of the GTD-5 EAX, GTE's first software-controlled, fiber-optic, central-office switching system.  Managed all field sites for the first four releases of both software and hardware.

IBM Corporation in Poughkeepsie, New York,
Member of Techical Staff, February 1977 to June 1980.

Developed diagnostic microcode and operating system software for the IBM 3033 mainframe. 


IBM PCs with Windows NT or Windows 95
Apple PCs with MacOS
Sun with UNIX
DEC VAX with VMS or Ultrix (native UNIX)
IBM 370s with MVS


MBA, Northeastern University, 1988,
BS, Kansas State University, Electrical Engineering, 1977. 


IEEE Communications Society
IEEE Computer Society 


Learning German